Reset service inspection or oil on VW Passat (1996-2000)

When you have serviced the car or changed the oil, you can reset the inspection indicator in the dashboard.

If you have not recently had the car serviced, then it's a good idea to leave the indicator until you are sure the car is in good working order and does not need any inspection.

1: With ignition off, press the trip reset button on the right under the odometer and hold.

2: Turn ignition on. Don't start engine. The display will now show "Service INSP" or "Service OIL". Release button. By pressing the button once more the displays will switch between "Service INSP" and "Service OIL".

3: Now press and hold the button again with right hand whilst turning the other button "for adjusting the clock", to the right with the other hand (adjustment button to the analog clock should be pulled out). The display should now change to Service ----.

4: Turn off ignition. Your Service Inspection notice should now be reset.

If this is not the case then repeat 1-5 but hold the button down once "Service INSP" or "Service OIL" is displayed.


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